Monday, February 27, 2012

Twitter: Good or bad?

I've always avoided being swept up into any unnatural obsession with the lives of celebrities. Individuals that have been deemed important by the media for the pointless acts they do. The way we put a twist on uninteresting news just because it's where the social demand is.

When the cast of Jersey Shore gets more attention than philosophical leaders, there has to be something wrong with society. It looks like borderline worship when you compare ourselves with civilizations before us. If we were drawing hieroglyphics on the walls of our structures, they would be littered with hashtags, pointless banter, and etched-in shirtless broskis.
"I don't always wear a shirt, but when I do I make sure the collar's popable."
... But then Eddie went and got himself a Twitter. No, I'm not conforming to a lifestyle fueled by the lifestyles of others. Actually for a while now I've been tracking the online movement and sharing of my work in order to master the art of self-marketing in order to attract more job opportunities and networking. And turns out a few strangers were tossing around my remixes and videos on Twitter. I feel as if that's a huge act of kindness towards what I'm trying to do. Sure, I know their intention wasn't to help advertise my stuff. They were most likely just making an attempt at pleasing their own horde of followers they've forcefully amassed on Twitter, but still it's means a lot to me.

So I finally jumped on the bandwagon. But "with great power comes great responsibility": A rule which has much relevance to Twitter. Twitter can be used as a tremendous marketing tool for those who are willing to put a little thought into their posts. Not those who just want to inform the world about that bucket of ice cream they just inhaled while watching Netflix.
Why not go the whole nine yards?
Whether it be for your business or your own benefit, you can follow the trends of today with positive intentions for your future. Just be smart about it. But if people want to focus their lives on those who are irrelevant to their own, then so be it. If what Diddy had for lunch satisfies your inner needs as a human, then maybe creating a pseudo-social life on Twitter is for the best. Hell, maybe you should even retweet it.

Oh, and follow me at @EddieBaldasaro so you can hear what I've had for lunch as well. #IBitchTooMuch


"Pop Song"
Do it or go down in flames 
Back to Maine you can beg moose for spare change

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Hypocrite on Valentine's Day

Well, it's that special day of the year again. That day where you gloat about your significant other who you were able to somehow successfully capture. Or, depending on your recent experience as a single individual, today's the day you pull the Grinch card and complain about the consumerism and wishy-washy feel of this pointless holiday without using the word "jealous".

And me being the avid social networking cadet that I am gives me more reasons to rant. Because every single post I see on Facebook concerning Valentine's Day can fit into either of those two categories. And I'm sure the same goes for Twitter, Google+, and all those other sites that interesting people use to spew the news of their interesting lives (I include myself in this criticism).

But to understand my views on this day of segregation, we must dive into the history of Eddie Baldasaro: He's been in-and-out of various relationships since the 7th grade, but he's never taken a girl out on a Valentine's date. In fact, he's had a girlfriend on every other holiday except this strange one. Maybe it's because he's always been in the wrong place at the wrong time or maybe he just didn't feel that special spirit once that fateful day approached. Whatever the reason was, every year he'd still proclaim February as his most hated month due to the miserable weather, mob of hopeless romantics, and all that "Valentine's bullshit".

Then in 2012, at the tender age of 22-years-old, he went and got himself a girlfriend. A girlfriend who has never been on a Valentine's date as well. Now they are both conquering this milestone together by buying each other adorable gifts and going out to a romantic dinner.

Now Eddie's become a hypocrite. The epitome of everything he's hated: That "smug fart knocker" who rings the doorbell with flowers, chocolates, and a conniving smirk in tow. So I've had to come to a realization to deal with this type of revelation: Why did I even give a shit in the first place?

Why do we put so much negative energy into this pseudo-holiday? Sure I'm still not a big fan of the whole "feed-the-big-business-by-feeding-the-insecurities-of-the-consumer" aspect of it, but that feeling goes hand-in-hand with being a communications major. I'm suppose to be critical of the obvious (as well as the subliminal) marketing within the media. But looking back at myself, I feel like I've been a jealous, little dirt mongrel when really it was just wasted energy. I ended up spending way too much time throwing fits about how happy these pink-obsessed people were for having someone else to go out with while I sat home on my beanbag chair, eating Cheeto's and watching Dexter's Laboratory.
It didn't help
I was jealous, and I'm a bit ashamed of it. But the first step to Valentine's Day recovery is acceptance, and I've completely accepted the fact that I've been a jealous man. Now the second step is a little harder. People need to learn and demonstrate the natural human ability of ignorance in a positive manner. Because people don't realize how easy it is to just ignore the countless posts from their cutesy-wutesy acquaintances. Ignorance is an ability most people usually only use on ideas of relevance that shouldn't be ignored... such as but not limited to potentially brewing wars, the real motives of presidential candidates, and what we're actually eating from the supermarkets.

Oops, my mind ventured away from the subject at hand a bit there. Let's just cut to the chase and get to the moral of the story.

People, start using your pent up ignorance for good so that you can mask the irrelevant issues and complaints that your mind and the social world around you has created. Ultimately, you need to accept people's lives and turn your head away from the unfamiliar yet harmless. It's as simple as that. Negatively dwelling on aspects of those who don't affect you will only separate yourself even more from being the ultimate happy camper that you can be. This isn't even just a lesson for Valentine's Day. It's a lesson on life.

Much love and Happy Valentine's Day.


K'naan (Feat. Nelly Furtado)
"Is Anybody Out There?"
When you're insecure about yourself
It's a fact
You can point a finger
But there's three pointing back
I can see her crying out, yeah
Is there anybody out there?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eddie wants to move somewhere... again

Man, do I need a little relocation in my life. I've slipped into that zone where every work day feels like the last. When you can't distinguish what you completed Monday from what you accomplished Thursday. That point when you start to lose your creative sense because you no longer have any interest in what you're creating.

I've come to the conclusion that I cannot be a video editor. Sure, it can be great fun as a hobby but planting my tuckus in a seat for hours on end shutting myself off from the world through a pair of headphones and creative software just manipulates the mind.
"Tuckus"... I bet you haven't heard that word in a while.
There's been periods within the office where I'll be completely involved with whatever I'm working on, focusing on every little detail that's on both of my screens, and then suddenly someone will walk in asking me for something irrelevant to whatever I'm doing and my mind will just shut down. I'll try to converse with this individual and I come off sounding out of my mind because my mind's been in a different place for the last few hours and is not prepped for chitchat.

Thankfully, I have some goals and objectives on the back burner that can occupy my brain for the time being. Of course these change by the minute. Remember how I said in an earlier post how I was dead set on moving to California and making an attempt at dominating that land of creative opposition? And I might have even stated at one point that New York City was increasingly becoming a possibility. Well now it's looking like Florida could be the destination.

But now the move is being pushed back until September. And for good reason. Because no matter what, I'd like to experience another Summer in Maine. It's such a splendiferous time. Spending the Summer of '11 around Portland and Old Orchard Beach was without a doubt the best Summer I've ever had. So I'd like another crack at the scene. A last hurrah if you will before I finally make that big move, wherever in the world it may be. I just want to accomplish that relocation before I get too locked up in the scene. This usually ends with that final breaking point where I suddenly become motivated by someone who has no business motivating me and end up in North Dakota or something.
Yup... the Dakota without Rushmore... that one.
But this post might become irrelevant in a month or so. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if it changed within the week. My life and goals alter with the wind so it's really tough for me to establish concrete plans. But until then, I'll still be here in Maine. Even if my mind is elsewhere.

"Mustache Man"
Launching loony thoughts into the bending of your mind
You reach for something high but it's a mountain that you find 
He's a king dust demon with an icepick smile 
His music fills your feathers as you feel your passions fly