Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here Come The Bastards

Remember that last post when I said that my good luck was inevitably coming to a halt? Well, the very next day my car decided not to start. Being car-less sucks. Especially on a rainy day. Even more so when you have a lot of other things you want to waste your kinda-hard-earned money on besides car repairs.

I had to skip editing at work today to deal with the issue so I'm not too happy with that additional money I'm missing out on. Thankfully, I put in a 11 hour day yesterday on a shoot up in Belfast, ME for the Game Loft so the impact shouldn't be too cumbersome.

Let's stop being pessimistic though and talk about something a little more interesting. I finally got Netflix so I've been on a movie brigade these last few days. I have a loooong list of films that I've been wanting to watch for a long time but I've been far too busy, so maybe this will encourage me to take a little time out and settle down with some titles.

Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers
I can't believe it took me this long to watch this film. I bow down to the over-the-top editing and performances by Robert Downey Jr, Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones (including his spitting), and the late great Rodney Dangerfield. And how all 121 minutes are consistently powered by dutch angles; making you feel deliciously uneasy throughout the sitting.

I've never been a big Oliver Stone fan, but this feels a lot more Quentin Tarantino inspired. Minus the feet. (Quentin actually came up with the basis for the story) Stone did add the whole anti-media aspects of the story, which I thought were nicely played out.

I recommend this film for anyone out there who's a fan of the not-so-ordinary.

Here's some other recent Netflix viewings and what I've rated them:
Man On Wire **** (Really liked it)
Conan O'Brien Can't Stop *** (Liked it)
Wristcutters: A Love Story *** (Liked it)

For those who enjoy: Bass Gods
"Here Come The Bastards"
Primus is playing a show here in Portland, ME this weekend, so it makes sense to blast some of their music right about now. I won a pair of tickets from Bull Moose so I'll definitely be there getting buck wild. You should be there as well.

-If you like this then buy their new album, "Green Naugahyde".

Monday, September 26, 2011


I've been having too much good luck as of late. I'm just waiting for something really bad to happen because I know it's inevitable. A human being is only allowed to get so high without eventually falling back to reality, right? Isn't that what gravity's for?

I'm still hoping to make it out to my mind's "promised land" sometime in December but the way things are going here in Portland, I might end up dwelling for even longer. But I know once the freezing snow hits, I'll be kickin' babies just to head out west. I've always been a sun guy. I just wish I could find someone else who wants that drastic change in life in order to fulfill their dreams. It would be nice to have a copilot on these adventures.

Anyways, let's talk about what's going on in the moment. I watched Food Inc. last night and now I want to completely change the way I grocery shop. Thankfully there's a Trader Joe's & Whole Foods right up the road from me so I can quickly start this endeavor... the moment I'm ready to steer away from Wal-Mart's everyday low prices designed for cheapo's like yours truly. Maybe I'll slowly convert. Whatever it takes to avoid the diabeetus.

Shucks, there's a lot more going on right now in my life but I feel as if I should let these things play out before I go blogging about it. So...

For those who enjoy: Local Music

Paranoid Social Club
"Count On Me"

If you're living in maine and you've never heard of the Paranoid Social Club/Rustic Overtones, then you're not living in Maine. If you're not living in Maine, then this is that band that does "Wasted" from Beerfest and that other song you've heard once, "Two Girls". Oh yeah, that band.

*If you like this then get out there and go to a live show. Discover something.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tony Jaa & Folk Rock fixes the mind

This is a bit of an unusual feeling I have right now. Usually I write because I have so much to unload from my mind. But today, I've got too much material filtering through my brain. It's to a point where everything is just clogged up.

...So here's a video of Tony Jaa kicking nonstop ass. Perfect for calming the overworked frontal lobe.

He doesn't need video cuts to be nasty. I could watch this a million times and not get tired of it... oh wait... I already have watched it a million times. Oh well, here's...

For those who enjoy: Folk Rock
Gus Black
"Love is a Stranger"
Now that my mind's off these countless thoughts, it's time to reboot it back to relaxation. The unknown artist known as Gus Black is the perfect solution. Such a calming yet haunting voice. If you listen to any folk rock, you'll find something from him that you'll enjoy.

-If you like this then listen to his song "Paranoid" which was featured on the show Californication

Monday, September 19, 2011

Nothing But Blue Skies

Haven't written anything in a while due to busyness/internet problems but I feel it's about time I put something down on screen.

I'm finishing up another professional video, which is coming out pretty stylish if I do say so myself. I mentioned this interview in another post; my first legit "video tear". Still priceless. It's just missing some music and other finishing touches before it's completely ready but I'm pretty content where it is right now:

Oh yeah, forgot to add I placed a few UNE kids in there from the Occupational Therapy department. I have a bunch of projects coming up so this will be a jam-packed & cluttered work week. I'm currently piecing together an interview we did with an elderly nun who uses assistive technology. There's some really moving stuff in there so I can't wait to finish that editing job up. She was a real inspiration and such a positive individual.

But on top of all that work stuff, I had a great weekend. Mulligan's in Biddeford, ME was the destination of choice. Always an interesting time over there when you're surrounded by interesting characters. I also made a stop at Jimmy the Greeks to see some friends. And for their great selection of liquids, of course.

Tonight the plan is to kick back, rest my feet on the table, and watch a panel of comedians/celebrities rip into Charlie Sheen during his roast. Sounds a lot more exciting than Ashton Kutcher ruining One & A Half Men. Winning.

For those who enjoy: Dub Step
"Blue Skies" [Flux Pavilion Remix]

Heard this during my drive home from work on some underground Portland radio station. All I have to say is: SICK. I had the volume blasting and I believe you'll be doing the same.

*If you like this then type your favorite song in on YouTube and then add "Dub Step" to it

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Guess who's thoroughly drained today? This guy. I didn't get enough sleep and, besides one quick video shoot, had a work day stuck behind a computer and a desk; e-mailing and chopping up video. Nasty.

The only thing keeping my mind from shutting down is the inevitable 20 cent chicken wings I'll be devouring later tonight. And let's not forget that these little delights will be washed down with 99 cent beer. Yeah I know... I just can't shut up about them.

Oh, and here's something else to tickle my fancy: I'm going to a Red Sox game tomorrow. Should be a lot of fun, but otherwise I have no motivation to type anything beyond this point besides possibly...

For those who enjoy: Indie Rock

"Tired of Being Sorry

Hey, isn't this a rip-off of that Enrique Iglesias song? Nope, it's actually the other way around, because Mr. Iglesias is a nerd. Bailamos! Enjoy.

-If you like this then don't listen to Enrique Iglesias.
Actually I'm just being a dick. Enrique seems like a nice guy. Listen to "Hero" on repeat for Enrique.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pursuit of Happiness

I'm going to get a little analytical for a bit. This is more for me than anyone else. I was going through my previous writings on my computer and found this one from January 5th, 2010 and it got me thinking again so I'm going to spin it more towards the beliefs I have now:

Alright, here's something I was pondering about. This constant urge we humans have for security. Here I am, looking at a house dog, and I'm wondering, why does she stay where her owner has placed her? How is she not sick of the same environment as well as the same plate of Iams Dog Food? How is she still here even when that front door is wide open and she has a real chance to see what exactly is out there for her?

Then I realize, that's what makes us humans so unique. We tend to have this consistent idea that there's always something better somewhere for us. And there always is, but do we ever find it? This leads to traveling and the changing of lifestyles because we are on a constant "Pursuit of Happiness". Yet upon arrival, there's always some sign of discomfort.

Birds migrate to survive, we migrate to find enjoyment. But no matter how much money we obtain or how great we have it, there's this familiar feeling that there's even better items out there sitting and waiting for us. And it's not just the search of wealth. Religion, a better social life, food, exercise, a distinguishable public title; all to enhance one's well being... but still we want more.

This is what leads me to believe that us humans weren't made to be completely satisfied. And to tell you the truth, I've come to the conclusion that we enjoy this feeling of being low. Why would there be any need for Lifetime/Hallmark movies? Because individuals still demand depression. I'd even say my best creativity stems from terrible moods. Because terrible moods get me thinking. Humans don't better their lives because they're content; humans better their lives because their minds start racing and they want something. No, they NEED something.

Is this necessarily a bad thing? Depends on your views really. I'd find the "perfect life" boring and unbearable. Like a film without any conflict; what's the point of watching?

This brings me to ask, "Why do we have so much interest in conflict?" Just look at modern American news. I can't go 5 minutes watching any news station without being brought down in some way. Stories of war, disease, poverty, rape, pollution, racism, murder, etc. Then it switches to the commercials, which are filled with prescription medications that "doctors" with obese wallets have determined we need to live this constructed, happier lifestyle. And we can't blame the media, because they're just following demand with an adequate supply. And demand is sky-high.

And if you've made it this far reading this, then you might have proven this idea to be right. If I was talking about how great the world is and how we're such a successful society, you would have switched to "funny cat videos" on YouTube a few paragraphs back. Instead you kept reading, even if you disagree with everything I've said, which is completely understandable because this is only my opinion through my own experiences. And no two individuals have the same experiences.

Woo, I'm done. I hope that didn't come off as a rant as it was more observational than anything. Now time to cool down.

For those who enjoy: 80's Alternative Rock
The Smiths
I absolutely love this band. And this is my favorite song by this band that I love. It's really the lyrics that draw me in. Because shyness is nice, but shyness can certainly stop you from doing all the things in life you'd like to. SO STOP BEING SHY... and listen to this song.

-If you like this then listen to their song "This Charming Man"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I go on a rant about KISS; you get to listen to the new Cudi. Win-Win

Today - 8:54am: I'm driving to work and hear about an interesting boat ride on the radio. I guess there's going to be a KISS Cruise to the Bahamas... and yes, KISS as in KISS: the make-up'd, over-the-top, rock gods of pyrotechnics.

I'm immediately intrigued and turn the volume up. Then the voice coming from my radio starts going on about how they're having a sweepstakes and giving away a few tickets for said-hard-rock-in-your-face cruise. They give out a number and state that the listener must text it in order to enter themselves in the sweepstakes.

I don't know what got over me but I instantly whipped out my phone and furiously started to break the law text this number. Right after I hit "send", I started to think about what I had just done. I know I'm not going to win, but also, did I really want to be stuck on a boat with KISS?

Sure, they were pretty sweet in their prime and their music will live on forever, but I can't even imagine having a conversation with Paul Stanley without LMAO IRL (is that how it goes?) Hell, I couldn't even imagine looking at "The Catman" (meow) Peter Criss without wanting to giggle quietly to myself. Oh, Peter Criss hasn't been in the band for years? Eric Singer is "The Catman" now? I'm sorry, let me rephrase that: "Giggle loudly to myself."

But thankfully Ace Frehely will be there... wait what? He's gone too? He's been replaced by some dude that use to clean Gene Simmons' gutters and be in a KISS cover band? Well that sucks. I can't wait until one of the pyrotechnics go haywire and I'm DiCaprio'n it to the bottom of the ocean as this band of misfits belts out Rock 'n Roll All Night.

But in all seriousness, if I won, I would most certainly go. KISS is one of the most memorable bands of all time. They have countless memorable hits and really know how to put on a legitimate and entertaining show. And because there's nothing more romantic than Gene Simmons tonguing your ear on a beach in the Bahamas... too much? Yeah, I know... perfect time to listen to...

For those who enjoy: New Hip Hop

Kid Cudi
"No One Believes Me"

Just a really well done song. Kid Cudi might be the only original mainstream rapper we have left. It's from the new film Fright Night and the music video has the potential to win a VMA or 2, if those even matter anymore. And because vampires pitch trouser tents for MTV-goers.

-If you like Kid Cudi then check out Charles Hamilton... or what's left of him.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Manifested Motivation

Alright, I just watched some inspirational videos so now I'm amped up on manifested motivation! Let's see how long this lasts...

I e-mailed a "major market New England television outlet" about their need for a production staff as well as a cheap production assistant job for the K&N Pro Series race at the Dover International Speedway. Exciting digs, but it's still grunt work. Shining shoes to make it to the top. S'n some D's to fill the pockets with G's. Get it? Good.

I've decided my savings account is now a "Get Me To L.A." account so maybe this'll help. It's going to be a long, hard (get your mind out of the gutter) road though as student loans are winding up their legs to deliver a swift kick to my face. Not sure if I'm ready to manage the added number of hands in my pockets, but we'll see.

Alright my motivation's starting to run out since I started typing about loans and all that terrifying mumbo-jumbo. So here's...

For those who enjoy: Southern/Indie Rock
The Weeks

I discovered this band a few years back but they're still delicious. If you've been loving this current resurgence of mainstream southern rock then you'll love this album, Comeback Cadillac, because the Weeks have the potential to be where the Kings of Leon are right now.

-If you like this then check out "The Ballad of Tonto Higgins" off the same album.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

California Dreamin'

Why write a blog when my mood can be expressed more thoroughly by The Mamas & The Papas:

all the leaves are brown
and the sky is grey
I've been for a walk
on a winter's day

I'd be safe and warm
if I was in L.A
California Dreamin'
on such a winter's day

stopped into a church
I passed along the way
well, I got down on my knees
and I pretend to pray

you know the preacher likes the cold
he knows I'm gonna stay
California Dreamin'
on such a winter's day

all the leaves are brown
and the sky is grey
I've been for a walk
on a winter's day

if I didn't tell her
I could leave today
California Dreamin'
on such a winter's day

For those who enjoy: Classic Rock (70's/80's)

"Fat Bottomed Girls"
Yesterday would have been Freddie Mercury's 65th birthday if he was still with us. So here's a tribute to the greatest vocalist of all-time. It ain't Freddie if it isn't LIVE. Truly a legend.

-If you like this, then listen to more Queen. Followed by even more Queen

Monday, September 5, 2011

We've Hit Turbulence

There goes another weekend. And here comes another workweek. I need the money, so bring it on.

I went through a little creative phase this weekend and made another song for you. I even put a quick video together to make it a little more exciting. Check It:

If you like the song, then you can download it in the "Raw Remixes" section. If anyone has any ideas for the next mix, definitely let me know. I'm always listening. That's why we have...

For those who enjoy: Real hip hop

"On The Rocks"

I've been listening to this song all Summer. He's an individual that needs more attention because he has the potential to help save hip hop if he receives it.

-If you like this then listen to his song "Lightspeed".

Friday, September 2, 2011

Autumn time, and the livin's sleazy

Welp, it's the first weekend for those college kiddos heading back to school; also known as the Labor Day long weekend for graduated old folks to pretend they're still students by randomly showing up to the "back-to-school" parties. Yup, that's where I come in. So it's looking to be another great weekend after having a beyond successful summer. And the weekend has officially begun with my job letting me leave 2 hours early... nice.

Even though the weekend's already looking fulfilled, there's another task I'd like to complete. Old Orchard Beach has been a melting pot of intercultural doucebags, sassy ladies, and old individuals attempting to relive their tainted youth, but I'd still like to spend one more night roaming the pier's surroundings before they close everything up. A lot of fun can be had over there as long as you don't mess with the corrupt characters.

But yeah, here's to another great year. Because we all know Labor Day is the real New Years. The real beginning for great times.

For those who enjoy: Red Hot Chili Peppers... what else?

Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Look Around"

To tell you the truth, I'm not completely satisfied with the new RHCP album, I'm With You. I'm missing Frusciante hardcore, but this song definitely stuck out due to it's sprinkle of their former funk sound, which I've always missed.

-If you like this then listen to "Purple Stain" off of their album Californication

Thursday, September 1, 2011

CAUTION: Have an extra pair of slacks before proceeding

Just got back from one of the best shoots I've ever been on. Went up to Newcastle, ME and conducted a video interview with a young female who uses some of ALLTech's devices to aid her with her dyslexia. We shot a lot of great footage including my first "tear moment". That rare moment in an interview when the story gets so moving then all of a sudden BOOM we's gots a tear caught on camera. Greatness.

We were also able to eat at the famous Red's Diner in Wiscasset. Home of the legitimate, world renowned best lobster roll in Maine. It looked diesel but my puny wallet wouldn't let me indulge. So I subsided with some kind of steak sandwich. But who cares? I don't even care about what I ate earlier so why am I even writing here anymore... so let's get on with a...

(I love my shiesty names)

The Vicious Brothers' "Grave Encounters"

Oh-yup, look at that YouTube picture. This is already frightening. Let me just start off this brief review by saying that this film is the best horror movie I've seen in quite some time. That's not saying a lot though as the mainstream horror genre has been in need of a do-over with all these gross-out films & Asian knock-offs. But this is "Paranormal Activity" done right, and at the same time, a complete mind fondle.

The plot focuses on a group of skeptical paranormal investigators from a television show who inspect an abandoned mental asylum. Things start off slow but they pick up as the team continues to bury themselves into this place.

The filmmakers did a great job of controlling the atmosphere of the movie as you go from feeling like you're watching footage from this TV show to feeling like you're right there with them. It gets to a point where you're the one walking through your own personal "haunted house".

The concept has been done but it's still original in its own sense. There were parts in the film that kind of ruined the realism of the story but if you look passed these issues, you have a real horror gem with a decent-enough story. I've been in love with horror movies since I was like 5 so it takes quite a bit to move me, but this one right here had me completely involved. It has the potential for a sequel as there is so much history left out but I'm not sure if this film needs that kind of treatment, but we'll see. Look what happened to Saw I through whatever they're up to now... gross.

! ! ! 1/2

I gave the film 3 1/2 out of 5 exclamation points. Corny, I know but it's all I got. But yeah, if you're frightened then let me calm you down with...

For those who enjoy: Alternative Hip Hop

The Cool Kids
"Bassment Party"
Now here's an awesome little duo. I like everything off of this mixtape, The Bake Sale, and have been listening to it for quite some time now. I suggest you look into it. Especially this track which is just a feel good party anthem. Especially good for you back to school kids. Booyakasha.

-If you enjoy this then listen to their song "Mikey Rocks" off of the same album.

Tomorrow, I talk about tomorrow.