Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Opinion on George Zimmerman and Society

Looks like I'm going to have to take a break from using this blog as my own personal diary ("journal" for those uncomfortable with their sexuality) after reading this article:

Man Beaten By Mob, In Critical Condition

There are countless acts going on in the United States that make me question the level of humanity throughout our society, but very few annoy the hell out of me like the ridiculousness that has enveloped both sides of the fence of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case.

Just in case you haven't been paying attention (because I wish I haven't been), here's a quick synopsis from Wikipedia. By the way, a big sorry to EVERY college professor who has ever told me not to do this... but turns out in the real world not many people care:
The fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman took place on February 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida, US. Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old African American male who was unarmed;[2] George Zimmerman is a 28-year-old biracial Hispanic[3] American who was the community watch coordinator for the gated community where the shooting took place.[4][5][6][7][8]
While on a private errand, Zimmerman saw Martin walking inside the gated community where he was visiting his father and his father's fiancée. Zimmerman called the Sanford Police Department to report Martin's appearance and behavior as suspicious. Shortly afterwards, there was an altercation, which ended with Zimmerman fatally shooting Martin once in the chest at close range.[9][10][11][12][13]
When police arrived on the scene, Zimmerman told them that Martin had attacked him, and that he had shot Martin in self-defense.[2][14] Zimmerman was bleeding from the nose and had a wound on the back of his head.[15][16] EMTs treated Zimmerman at the scene, after which he was taken to the Sanford Police department where he was questioned for hours,[16] taped a video statement, and was released without being arrested.[15] Police said that they had not found evidence to contradict his assertion of self-defense.[17][18][19][20] According to media reports, the lead homicide investigator recommended that Zimmerman be arrested, but the state attorney's office was responsible for the decision not to arrest and charge Zimmerman the night of the shooting.[18][19][20][21]
The circumstances of Martin's death, the delay in charging Zimmerman, and questions about Florida's Stand Your Ground law have received national and international attention. Allegations of racist motivation for the shooting contributed to public demands for Zimmerman's arrest.[22][23] A Special Prosecutor was appointed to take over the investigation and on April 11, 2012, she chose to file charges of murder in the second degree against Zimmerman.[24][25] Zimmerman then turned himself in and was placed in custody.[26][27] On April 20, the judge approved Zimmerman's bail on a $150,000 bond.[28] He was released from jail on April 23 and is required to wear an electronic monitoring device until trial.
Thank you Wikipedia, because I really didn't want to go through that whole story again.

Anyways, this story has created a whole new kind of race war despite any (yet) proven evidence of racism to begin with. And ever since Zimmerman was placed on bail, a lot of people have been starting to form Twitter lynch mobs in response. Publicly declaring that they themselves will murder Zimmerman if they see him or requesting someone else to do so.


We quote past leaders on our social networking accounts for a quick "like" or "retweet" but then we refuse to follow (or understand) the actual philosophical meaning. Did Martin Luther King Jr. never exist? Does Mahatma Gandhi ring a bell? Must more die before we put our heads down in shame once again? Will we just ignore this period in our history books just like we did most other American mistake we've made collectively in the past?

And I'm not writing this because I'm taking one concrete side. There are obscene radicals on both ends of this dual-burning candle. And they'll only get worse as more retaliation is brought into the equation.

Do I believe what Zimmerman did was right? Absolutely not. Should he be out on bail? Well according to Florida law, yes. I believe the man should get what he deserves as appointed by a court of law. If what he did is proven as racist, then vilify the hell out of him. Otherwise, stand up and vilify those who place the laws that you disagree with to begin with.

Doesn't mean you have to promote the murder of those you personally feel are to blame for Trayvon's death. It means you should get off your computer/phone and stand in front of those you voted for. And if you didn't vote at all, then why are we even having this conversation to begin with? (oh wait... I didn't vote either)

If you have a problem with that then there's an old quote: "Don't hate the player, hate the game." Hate the jumbled justice system that is in need of a massive facelift. Not those who are getting an wrist-slapped ride. Because we all paved the steps there to begin with.

Wake up, America.


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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Keep on Rollin', Baby

"Did he really start us off with a title derived from a Limp Bizkit lyric? Wow, Eddie must have finally found his cuckoo's nest."
Just for you, Jack.
Oh, I most certainly have. But on the bright side, looks like we're heading back into the ever-so-great Maine Production Season. Eddie's getting calls again, which is a huge relief for the money-sack.

From late November until early April, there weren't many projects that I'd proclaim as "grand" coming my way. Thankfully things are starting to pick up along with the warm weather. I just wrapped alongside the crew of Abandoned with an episode that will air on the National Geographic Channel. The crew/talent were great and created a completely different experience from what I'm use to. I'm still aching from carrying equipment and holding up lights for prolonged amounts of time.

Then I received a call from an individual who's gathering up individuals for Buick's web series "Re:discover", which will be coming to Portland. It isn't 100% official yet but sounds like something I'd definitely be interested in.

But I'm still hungry... very hungry. Like Taco Bell 12 Taco Party Pack hungry.
...or hungry enough to eat a whole cat.
So I'll be waiting patiently by my phone while I do the same ol' job research. My goal is to not stop moving from this point until late August. Except of course for the occasional nappy time and ...well ... Taco Bell 12 Taco Party Pack consumption break.


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Joe Walsh Kinda Day

Oh hey, I still have one of them fancy-pants blogs going. Maybe I should give it a little more undiverted attention because I've definitely dissipated from the creative writing mindset. Speaking of "undiverted" and "dissipated", a few individuals informed me that I use too many big words in my writing. That I need to drop it down a few grade levels to connect with the common man.

I assume it's because I recently graduated from college and still have that thesis-paper-writing-style that I kinda invented within my mind. Because if you've ever actually talked to me in person, most of the time I'm using words that you develop between grades 1st through 3rd. Oh, and if you say the word "poop", I will definitely giggle like a little school girl.
Alright, now that I've wasted two paragraphs worth of your time, I might as well cut to the chase. I haven't written in this thing because most of the topics that I currently have on my mind don't involve my professional life. I've applied for various production jobs in the past few weeks (including one with Invisible Children) but haven't had much success besides maybe a few delightful yet uninformative e-mails back. Oh, and a bunch of job offers from insurance "scam"panies.

I've also been trying to raise money for DiBacco Films' next production, Dark, but I'm realizing it's quite a slow process when you have a day job and most companies have to talk over every word of your e-mail. So if any of you have friends or family looking to get into the film industry or have a product that could definitely use some EXTREMELY affordable marketing, CONTACT ME! Eddie needs to feed his kids. And by kids, I mean stomach, wallet, and gas tank.
Such devilish children they are...
Two images of children used within a blog post about my life? Oh man, time to cut this one short before it reaches creepy status.


Joe Walsh
"Life of Illusion"
Sometimes I can't help the feeling that I'm
Living a life of illusion
And oh, why can't we let it be
And see through the hole in this wall of confusion